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Hundreds of varieties of organically grown flowers for cutting, from the classics to the newest ones

We use only what we grow ourselves - you know exactly where your flowers come from

Fresh and long-lasting - your bouquet will be made of flowers picked just a few hours before delivery

There is beauty in imperfection - we give our flowers the freedom to grow as nature intended

Fresh, local, seasonal


Would you like to fill your home with sumptuous, fragrant, colourful flowers delivered right to your door on a regular basis? You can order a bucket of fresh-cut, seasonal flowers from our garden in Ølene on Bornholm. We deliver Thursday afternoons, just in time for the weekend. Deliveries begin with the first spring flowers (late April or early May, depending on the weather).


You can look forward to a 10-litre bucket full of the flowers growing in our garden – a huge variety, all grown by us sustainably and without the use of pesticides and artificial fertilisers. There are enough flowers in a bucket for you to create one extra-large bouquet or several smaller ones to enjoy around your home or to pass on to someone to brighten up their day. 


The number of subscriptions is limited, so order soon!


We recommend a biweekly subscription. We pick our flowers just hours before delivery and so,  with a little care (changing water regularly and cutting back stems), they can easily last you 10-14 days. However, if you don’t have time for that extra care and wish to have immaculate flowers every weekend, we would of course be happy to deliver every week.  


Watch the seasons change with our seasonal flowers: new varieties of flowers start to bloom in our garden all the time.




Spring starts with double tulips, early botanical gladioli, double anemones, double ranunculi and ornamental alliums, followed by peonies (we have 10 different kinds, including coral and salmon), roses (modern floribundas, English and historical), cala lilies, pineapple lilies, Campanulas, Irish bells, Chinese asters, dahlias, crocosmias, Ornithogalum, Polianthes tuberosa, gladioli, hydrangeas, many kinds of ornamental grasses, autumn anemones, asters, ornamental berries and seed pods. This list is just a fraction of the varieties of flowers we grow, so expect a lot of wonderful surprises throughout the year!




This year, we expect our first deliveries to begin in late April or early May and last until the end of October. From November to April you can order bespoke dried flower arrangements as well as Christmas wreaths and other seasonal floral decorations.



At this time, we only provide the subscription service to customers on Bornholm.


To limit our carbon footprint, we would like to make our delivery route as short and efficient as possible. Therefore, if you are a bi-weekly subscriber, we will try to place you in one of two groups based on location. We will deliver to one group one week and the second group the week after. The week we delivery to you will depend on which group you are in. We will let you know.   


PRICE (including VAT and delivery):


A 10-litre bucket of loose, fresh cut flowers: DKK 575

Bi-weekly subscription starts at DKK 1150

Monthly subscription at DKK 2300



The flowers are always delivered in a 10-litre metal bucket. Please return the empty one when we bring your next delivery. If you are not at home, just leave the bucket in the same place agreed for flower deliveries. The deposit for a bucket is DKK 100 (charged once and refunded when you cancel your subscription and return the bucket).



We will email an invoice to you once a month.




If you wish to skip a delivery because you are, for example, going on holiday, or just wish to cancel your subscription, please let us know by email no later than by 10:00 a.m. on the day before the regular Thursday delivery (i.e., on Wednesday) and you will not be charged for the delivery. Unfortunately, we will have to charge the full price of a delivery if you cancel after this deadline.




If you would like the flowers in the bucket to be arranged into one or more bouquets, please let us know no later than by 10:00 a.m. on the day before the regular Thursday delivery. We charge an extra DKK 50 per bouquet for this service.


You can also order extra flowers or bouquets with your delivery for special occasions, such as weddings, birthdays, receptions or other special events. Just contact us by email.





Each time we deliver new flowers to you, we can take the old flowers with us and compost them in our garden if you wish. Just put them in the empty bucket. Nutrients from old flowers will be returned to the soil for new flowers to grow. Nothing goes to waste and the circle of life is complete.




Just send us an email with the following information:

  • First and last name

  • Delivery address (Bornholm only at this time)

  • Telephone number

  • Bouquet or bucket

  • Bi-weekly or weekly delivery

  • Billing address (if different from the delivery address)

  • Place where we can leave your flowers if you are not at home (preferably in a spot protected from the sun and wind).


We deliver on Thursdays between 3 p.m. and 8 p.m.

Unfortunately, we cannot guarantee an exact delivery time, as it depends on how many orders we have per day.

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Unique and original


We grow all our flowers ourselves and use only the flowers blooming at the time. In other words, we don’t have peonies in the autumn or asters in the spring. But because we have such a huge variety of plants, you will always get an amazing arrangement from us.

When ordering a bouquet, please specify the size and price and provide a description of what you want. You can also send photos of what you have in mind. We will try to match the look and feel as much as possible. We cannot create exact copies of arrangements, but what we can do is listen to you and meet or exceed your expectations.

Each arrangement from us is an original because we grow hundreds of varieties of flowers and greenery. Our collection of flowers is made up of classics and curiosities, heirloom varieties and the newest cultivars. Our pride and joy is a vast collection of historical and English roses.

Each bloom is also unique – we do not discard a flower just because it has a slightly crooked stem or a twisted petal. We believe this diversity, which is prevalent in nature, adds magic and an extra layer of beauty. Our flowers are also more fragrant than store-bought ones and radiate a special energy. We believe our flowers have these properties because we grow them organically and with love.  

We pick the flowers early in the morning just hours before delivering them to you, guaranteeing a longer lasting arrangement. We will also gladly share our secret tips for making your bouquet last even longer.

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